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Welcome to Our Company

“The virtual reality view in your own hands”
AP Consultants is a new and innovative company that has been working in the construction industry since 2008.  We recently have extended our services in new construction, renovation, as -build drawings and construction documents. This new technology of 3D scanning and measurements uses an integral element of architecture, engineering, and construction. AP Consultants can help save you hundreds of hours on planning time and misspent labor. Using the Matterport 3D Scanner, we can also help you keep up with the fast pace of the modernized industry.

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Benefits of 3D Scanning:

  • On-site 3D scanning of your site, that is virtually unlimited in size and environment;

  • Receive complete documentation of existing as-built conditions;

  • Obtain permanent records for immediate or future uses;

  • Verify architecture of floors, walls, buildings & more – this technology is great for the AEC/AEP world!

  • and many more specific benefits based on your industry and application!

With this technology, we are able to produce all of this virtual information that is required for buying or selling, improving, and redesigning homes or facilities at an affordable price.

About Our Company: Inner_about
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